In the field of the prevention of risks at work, the follow-up and control of the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in a company with an intensive workforce in the field that is gaining more and more importance.

This is why we use our knowledge of artificial intelligence to develop CALIDUS, a solution that, through artificial vision, is able to detect the PPE or the equipment that a field technician has to use or take with him in his operations throughout the field.

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Some of the elements of the LRP (Labor risk prevention) that CALIDUS can detect are

Dustproof mask

Safety helmet

Safety glasses

Work gloves

Reflective clothing

Tool belt

Traffic cone

Emergency kit


Post ladders

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The technician will have access to CALIDUS from his mobile phone where he can take pictures of what he wants to check., for example:

- A selfie If wearing PPE
- A picture of the inventories of PPE
- A picture to a colleague



This image will be treated online through the right algorithm to do the verification.



CALIDUS will send a result of the detection of the PPE’s to a technician. If its correct, you’ll be able to continue with your tasks, but if not, the app will ask you to take another picture, by 3 attempts.

The whole process is saved on an administration platform so that the LRP can follow and control the whole operation.


Have a documentary record of the use of PPE’s. This record of pictures and its interpretation will guarantee the verification of the use of PPE’s in case of an accident at work

By not having to be there for all the actions of the technicians we succeed in saving the costs of ways of preventing

The company takes care of the safety and good health of its workers at all times (duty of “vigilance”), in addition to having strong support in case of legal necessity.

Technical characteristics of the platform

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Field technician profile

They’ll use a Web App from their mobile to make the auto-scan once they wear the correct PPE’s at the frequency that the company needs.

Coordinator/Supervisor profile

You’ll have access to all the platform to consult in an aggregate or individual way, all the work orders assigned to your team.

No matter what you need to detect, if you can see it, we can do it too. Send us a message and we’ll tell you how can we help you