octubre 6, 2022

Thirteen people die every week in workplace accidents


Seitech launches Calidus to automate the prevention of occupational hazards thanks to Artificial Vision

● Calidus is a scanning and monitoring platform for personal protective equipment that uses artificial vision to ensure the correct use of masks, safety helmets, goggles, gloves, reflective clothing, belts, etc…

● Circet España launches a pilot with Calidus in its Seville delegation to ensure the safety of its workers and to carry out greater control and monitoring of PPE.

Madrid, October 6, 2022.- According to the latest data from the Ministry of Labor, weekly fatalities in occupational accidents have increased by 10% compared to last year, with almost thirteen deaths every seven days. To help companies ensure the safety of their employees and comply with occupational risk prevention (ORP) regulations, Seitech has announced the launch of Calidus, a computer vision-based solution to automate the control of occupational safety measures.

Based on computer vision technology developed by Vision Analytics, Seitech’s division specialized in artificial intelligence and vision, Calidus is a platform for scanning and supervision of personal protective equipment that allows the monitoring and control of PPE on workers in field operations from any device (mobile, pc or tablet).

Thanks to the development of algorithms based on neural networks (AI) the possibilities of improving PRL measures are endless. Calidus now allows real-time scanning of the correct use, in a multitude of environments and situations, of equipment such as: masks, safety helmets, goggles, work gloves, reflective clothing and tool belts, among others.

This, in the situations decided by each company, a worker, through the Calidus application, will scan and send the image of each element, so that the online platform will record that image and can validate whether all PPE is correctly positioned. This allows the system itself to automatically decide whether to allow the technician to continue his work or not.

All these movements are recorded in Calidus, this providing a history of scans performed that allows any PRL manager to obtain reports, statistics, assignments and configurations. The neural network technology on which our platform is developed (Deep learning) allows continuous learning and automatic adjustments to each situation.

«Artificial vision technologies offer us a wide range of solutions to automate occupational safety prevention controls and ensure the safety of workers in any environment,» says Vicente Aragó, CEO of Seitech. «By understanding the needs of companies in their field operations with Calidus we can customize the platform’s functionalities to make work environments safer and more efficient,» he adds.

In this sense, Circet España, specialized in the deployment and maintenance of fixed and mobile telecommunication networks, has launched a first pilot with Calidus in its Seville delegation. The experience of this pilot will allow the company to have a better control over the use of PPE by its technicians to avoid any accidents at work, as well as to make an intelligent inventory of equipment.

In this pilot phase, which will last until the end of the year, Calidus will enable the detection of PPE worn (helmet with chinstrap, tool belt, safety harness, high-visibility vest, safety glasses and gloves), as well as an inventory of PPE in operators’ vehicles (for example, to check that the technician is wearing everything at the start of his working day), detect the correct use of external pole ladders or detect the height of an element to check if it is at the permitted height according to prevention regulations.

«Ensuring the safety of our more than 2,000 employees is a constant challenge for our ORP teams. With the automation of processes and the scanning of technicians, we have an additional ally to minimize possible incidents while helping us to monitor more efficiently the equipment and materials we use in our field operations in order to continue introducing improvements and innovations,» explains Javier Delgado Godino, Director of PRL at Circet Spain.

In addition to the possibilities of artificial vision, Seitech’s intelligence and experience in field operations are added to Calidus, making it a powerful and versatile multi-platform, suitable for all types of companies with operations of this type, and which can be customized to suit the needs of each one. The functionalities incorporated in the platform are multiple: from the configuration of the platform itself (types of orders, users, roles…) to the access and extraction of scan reports.